Mega Escape Room Experience Paris

SciFi Experience with 12 thrilling escape rooms.

Multimedia Escher Studio at the Friesland Museum

A carefully built reproduction of artist Escher's workshop.

Experience water with all your senses

For 'Hidrodoe' we combined interactives, animation and sound design to create a multimedial waterworld.

The new Feyenoord Museum

Assemble your own star team, all players since 1908 and many, many photos and videos.

Algeria shines at the World Expo

With an immense video projection of 12 x 5 meters in size.

Film and CGI for Museum Purmerend

Using computer graphics, visitors of the museum imagine themselves in the Purmerend of 1900.

Shortfilm about safety on the railroad

Educational film for Railcenter about safety and how to prevent accidents from happening on the railroad tracks.

Films for Castellum archeological museum

Ten films and animations about the landscapes of Utrecht, from the Roman age to the present day.

Shell Generation Discover Festival website

Festival website and ticket scanning app for this annual festival.

Website for 50 years Remia Frites Sauce

2,5 million unique action codes and a happy festive website.

Shell Bright Ideas Challenge

Online challenge for kids who are in the 7th and 8th grade.

Website for finding and comparing hospitals

This website helps Dutch citizens to find and compare hospitals.

Animations for Maritime Museum Amsterdam

Animations bring together top exhibitions, with interactive presentations and a 5-metre wide projection.

3D movie for 'Airborne at the Bridge' museum

Eight minute film in 3D about the events that happened in September 1944, preceding WW2.

A shadow that changed the course of history

This interactive experience pictures the murder of William of Orange, making you feel like you were there when it happened.

Animation about Shell GTL technology

Animation explains the proces of turning gas into liquid fuel.

Dazzling 360° Virtual Dino Ride

A dazzling 360° Virtual Ride through the lost world of dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Virtual mummies in Hong Kong

VR and Projection Mapping for Hong Kong Science Museum.

Holmatro Rescue Experience in 360°

The 'Rescue Experience' VR film makes a lasting impression you will not easily forget.

Next Level Augmented Reality in Macau

Augmented Reality without markers. An app scans a dino's skeleton and places an overlay with muscle and skin precisely over it.