MCW: Multimedia equals multiresults!

MCW is a creative multimedia agency based in Rotterdam. Creative, as we are always able to step outside the bounds of the conventional to find a perfect and unique solution. Multimedia, as evidenced by the variety of studios that seamlessly combine their particular specialities: internet, cross-media, 3D visuals & animation, film and sound. And our Rotterdam roots ensure that we never lose sight of how vital the results are to our clients.

Whether you need corporate storytelling, interactive museum exhibits, graphic design, animation or virtual reality experiences, you've certainly come to the right place. At MCW, you can find all of the knowledge, creativity and experience needed to tell beautiful, sweet, raw and breathtaking stories. With us, you can be sure that your story is in good hands.

The Story of MCW

Imagination pioneering comes naturally to MCW. The firm was set up in 1993 as a 3D animation and virtual reality studio. At the time, virtual reality was mostly used to add the wow factor to science fiction films. And in those days, you needed enormous computers and headsets the size of buckets to create this artificial world. Despite this, we recognised the potential of this technology. We could create things that didn't yet exist, which was a fantastic and exciting development.

Energy and passion

Throughout the years, the energy and passion that first drove our work has never gone away, allowing us to harness and shape it into a diverse range of disciplines. We now specialise in the fields of film, music, sound, internet and interactive applications. Our energy, enthusiasm and expertise has enabled us to continually amaze and astound people for over 20 years.

By combining disciplines such as film, animation, 3D, audio and design to create rich cross-media experiences, we are able to think beyond technology and make the story the central focus. Regardless of whether it’s in print, on the internet, in the museum or on TV, at the end of the day, it's the story that has to capture your audience's imagination.

Keep the fires burning

Pioneering is still in our blood. And in this respect, the new renaissance for virtual reality in the form of the Oculus Rift offers us a whole new trail to blaze. We closely monitor and research all developments, such as the internet of things, iBeacons and Google Glass. Our passion and imagination have always burned bright. And it's this that has kept the fires burning throughout the decades.

We do what we love and we love what we do. That's the only way to keep producing truly great work.

Stories that hit the nail on the head!

At MCW, we combine multiple disciplines - film, audio, internet, design and interactive elements - to create clear, creative and compelling stories. They can be told in a variety of ways, such as films, interactive games, audio recordings or educational apps. Whatever the assignment and whatever the issues, we devote our passion, insight and technical ability to find the perfect solution that hits the nail on the head and gets results.

Getting down to the essence

For millennia, people have been using stories to pass on important information. The reason for this is simple: a good story captivates its listeners, nestles itself in their consciousness and inspires them to act. Stories strip complex information down to their bare essence and have the power to get inside your heart and soul. At MCW, we understand this better than anyone. We ensure that your message is clear, compelling and makes a lasting impression.


As we don't like to pigeonhole what we do, we never describe ourselves simply as a communication agency. Cross-media storyteller is a more accurate description, although it may leave some people with more questions than answers. In short, we get the message across in essence, performance and presentation.

Our studios

MCW operates a wide variety of studios that closely collaborate with each other, each with their own specialism: internet, multimedia, 3D visuals & animation, film and sound. This enables us to optimally assist our clients from creative concept to strategy and from first drafts to elaborately detailed end products.


Our ideas are cultivated within the concept team. Even at this early stage, we like to involve as many disciplines as possible. For this reason, the team is made up of conceptual thinkers from very diverse backgrounds: from film to strategy and from multimedia to online. This enables us to optimally unravel all issues and approach them from a variety of perspectives. What does this deliver? Solutions that sometimes seem simple, but on closer inspection have been given a special creative spark that makes them effective and enthralling.


MCW's design team is comprised of passionate professionals who work abstract concepts into concrete designs. This could be anything from a multimedia game, an advert in a magazine, an interactive museum exhibit or entertaining animation. We focus on functional design in the sense that function is more important than looks. However, the design has to be beautiful as well.

MCW's disciplines

Our speciality is optimally combining a diverse range of disciplines. Over the years, we have successfully proved this to a wide range of clients. But what exactly are these disciplines?


Conceptual thinkers from a variety of backgrounds - such as film, music, internet and multimedia - work together to unravel the essence of the message and to formulate a creative and effective plan.


MCW's design team turns these concepts into concrete designs, from adverts to websites and from interactive exhibits to 3D animation.


MCW's 3D professionals add extra dimensions of imagination, conjuring up virtual people, products and even entire worlds!


Scripts, direction, cameras, editing: at MCW we take care of everything required to produce an attractive and compelling story that is fit for the big screen.

Sound design

Music is more than just sound: it's about capturing emotion. MCW's music specialists know exactly how the right music at the right time can multiply the effect of your message.

Who do we do it for?

At MCW, we love our clients. It may sound like a cliché, but it's true. Many collaborations with clients go back years, and run deeper than a simple client-agency relationship. To tell the story properly, you must explore the very essence of your client. In this way, you get to know your clients extremely well.

We have worked for the following clients, amongst others:

Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij
Europese Commissie
NS Opleidingen
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Waaijer Projectrealisatie
Lezen en Schrijven
Paleis het Loo