On 7 December 2016, the new T-REX REVEALED dinosaur exhibition opened at the Hong Kong Science Museum. This exhibition is unique and innovative, as there are no real skeletons or bones to be seen. The entire exhibition is based on Augmented and Virtual Reality – a first in the museum world!

In close collaboration with Globe Creative from Hong Kong, MCW designed and developed a dazzling 360° Virtual Dino Ride through the world of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Users fly over a jungle and experience a close encounter with a T-Rex. After this event, they get to see the T-Rex fighting with a herd of Tricerotops.

A special layout with floating chairs has been created to enhance the feeling that visitors are parasailing above the jungle. The Experience uses the Gear VR, for which we developed a fully rendered 360° animation. 

The Virtual Dino Ride is not just spectacular, it is also highly educational. It explains the dinosaurs' living conditions as well as the dramatic consequences of the meteorite impact and the numerous volcanic eruptions. 

MCW modelled and fleshed out the dinosaurs in accordance with the latest insights from palaeontologist Dr Michael Pittman. With bright colours and feathered coats, these dinosaurs look different to how we have come to expect. 

The Virtual Dino Ride became a huge success as soon as the exhibition opened. The display, which has six VR goggles, is permanently occupied by enthusiastic visitors to the museum.