Studio City, one of the largest hotel and casino complexes in Macau, has temporarily turned into an honest-to-goodness Jurassic Park. The Dinosaur Hunt is a massive interactive dinosaur exhibition right in the centre of the casino. The life-sized dinosaurs and interactive multimedia rides turn the exhibition into a real adventure and simultaneously give the casino a considerable boost on social media and in the news.

In 'China's Las Vegas', there are casinos and hotels as far as the eye can see and there is always something to experience. To stand out here, you really need to go big. Studio City opted for prehistoric-sized big, introducing dinosaurs! MCW conceived and realised five spectacular multimedia experiences for The Dinosaur Hunt in cooperation with Globe Creative from Hong Kong.

The Dinosaur Hunt

Dino Escape (Greenscreen Ride)

In Dino Escape, you take a seat in an adventurously designed studio featuring green screen technology and are inserted into a thrilling helicopter ride in real time. During the trip, you will of course encounter dinosaurs (dangerous or not) and will see yourself at full speed on a big screen for maximum experience. After surviving the flight, you can share the video – with you in the starring role – with your friends back home.

Over 300 videos are made every day. More than 25,000 videos have been made in the span of three months and 60% of these were shared on social media.

We developed this ride in cooperation with Guestcam and MGX.

Flesh On Bones (Next Level Augmented Reality)

A life-sized skeleton of a Tarbosaurus can be found on one of the large squares in the casino. This giant is surrounded by six tablets on special pedestals. When you aim the tablets at the skeleton, the muscle mass of the dinosaur will be shown using augmented reality (AR), followed by the skin. Next, the Tarbosaurus comes to life in its natural habitat.

We used augmented reality without markers in this application. The app scans the dinosaur itself and puts the overlay of muscle and skin seamlessly onto the skeleton. The tablets are on a pedestal with ball-and-socket joint, allowing users to look round freely and explore to their heart's content.

Baby Dinos  (Holographic Experience)

For Baby Dinos, a container was completely converted into a laboratory where dinosaur eggs are hatched. We created a large, two-metre-wide holographic projection in which you can see the eggs hatching with your very own eyes and watch as the baby dinosaurs climb down from the table. A laying robot replaces the hatched eggs with new ones, which creates a nice loop in the story.

Fly With Dinos (Virtual Reality Ride)

This dizzying 360-degree virtual reality ride transports you into the realm of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. You fly over a jungle and experience a close encounter with a T-Rex. Next, you get a close-up look at a battle between the T-Rex and a herd of Triceratops.

For this spectacular ride, we worked closely withGlobe Creative to create a special structure with floating seats, allowing you to glide above the jungle like a virtual parasailer. We use Gear VR in this experience, for which we designed a 360-degree stereo-rendered animation.

Fly With Dinos is not only spectacular, but also highly educational. It explains how the dinosaurs lived and the dramatic consequences of the meteorite impact and the numerous volcanic eruptions that ultimately led to the extinction of the prehistoric giants.

The VR ride is open to the public eight hours a day. Even so, long queues of keen visitors form every day from the moment it opens.

Dino’s Footprint (Augmented Reality Photography)

Markers have been installed in the floor all over the casino that can be scanned with an app. If you do, a large dinosaur will appear on your phone, and you can take a branded photo with you and your friends. This photo can be saved and shared on social media, of course.
In just two months, the app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

The dinosaur experiences will operate for four months. The overall endeavour is such a huge success that the casino has already commissioned a new project. A sneak peek: we are going into space!

Here are a few figures at a glance, measured over a period of two months:

  • Dino Escape (Greenscreen ride)
    an average of 300 videos made per day, totalling more than 25,000;

  • Fly With Dinos (VR ride)
    all six seats permanently occupied;

  • Dino’s Footprint (AR app)
    downloaded more than 100,000 times;

  • The entire exhibition
    10,000 extra visitors per day (according to Studio City's marketing department).