For the past 20 years, MCW has been telling a diverse range of stories for a diverse range of clients. As a result, it is difficult to pigeonhole exactly what our work is. From interactive museum exhibits to corporate films and from advanced online applications to 3D animation: MCW has all of the knowledge, creativity and experience required to provide an effective and compelling story for every possible production.

MCW's unique quality is our cross-media creativity. We offer a wide variety of studios that closely collaborate with each other, each with their own specialism: internet, multimedia, 3D visuals & animation, film and sound. This section of the website will clearly explain what the potential fruits of these collaborations could be.

The cases described here give an impression of how diverse our work is. For every project, you can find a description of how we approached the task and what results we achieved. Of course, these projects are just a small selection of the multifaceted projects in our extensive portfolio. Would you like to know more about our approach or a specific case displayed on the website? If so, feel free to get in contact with us.