Andalusia: History and Civilisation Exhibition

Under the patronage of Mansour bin Zayed, Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed inaugurated Andalusia: History and Civilisation, an exhibition in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

This new exhibition highlights the Arab civilisation within Andalusia, embodying values of tolerance and coexistence. It includes rare artworks, scientific publications and precious artefacts reflecting the development of science, literature, thought and culture in the Arab civilisation in Andalusia. It sheds light on the diverse societies in Andalusia and their significant contributions across various fields.

This exhibition features seven key highlights; the Great Mosque of Cordoba, a masterpiece combining Islamic, Roman and Byzantine architectural designs; Medina Azahara, a city where tolerance and cultural exchange reached their peak; Abu Al Qasim Al Zahrawi, a pioneer of modern surgery and innovator of surgical tools; Poetry Majlis of Ibn Zaydun, a celebrated poet who helped shape the cultural landscape of Andalusia; Al-Idrisi, a renowned cartographer who contributed to shaping the current world map and one of the greatest Arab geographers; the works of philosopher Ibn Rushd, which highlight intercultural communication; and the Alhambra Palace gardens, one of Andalusia’s most celebrated landmarks.

For each highlight, MCW was commissioned to design and develop stunning multimedia containing Interactives, large projection mappings, immersive projections and overall sound scores.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Design and Content: Barker Langham
Construction and realisation: Hypsos Netherlands / Hypsos UAE
Technology: XYZ Technologies
AV - interactives: MCW / creative agency