On 2 October the Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened her doors at Expo 2023 in Doha Qatar.

The pavilions architectural articulation forms an embrace of a landscape filled with innovations and green initiatives, while the main immersive show forms a beautiful and emotional expression of those stories.

In close cooperation with a huge creative team MCW was responsible for the creation of the film on the immense façade which consisted of a total of 3,5 Km LED verticals. For this huge LED-wall we achieved a Guiness World Record for the largest outdoor LED-screen.

And for the immersive experience, MCW created the beautiful soundscore.

It was an honour to work on this amazing production!

5500 m² exhibition plot area
3,5 km of Façade LED verticals – Guinness World Record
165 m² 360º immersive show

The complete team that worked on this project:
EPG Lead creative, architecture, content
UOOU studio Architectural and interior design
Nana Boitran Project director
BIM projects Architectural drafting
SIDstudio Engineering
NiO Exhibition design
Virginia Zanuso Landscape design
Watercube Landscape water feature design
Masman Interior drafting
Bastard Orange Lighting design
Michel Van Tilborg Concept & Content
OORKAMERS Concept & Content
Mike Pearse Concept & Content
Minjung Park Exhibition Content Lead
Sandra Keus Content management
Hong Kim Graphic design
Carlo Walhof Graphic design
Copalenco storyboarding/illustration
Anghela Alò Show direction and scripting
Matteo Fumangalli storyboarding/illustration
CreateEU AV technical development
MCW / creative agency Façade film
Shosho B.V. Immersive film production lead
Redrum studio Immersive film production
Matthias Schnabel Immersive film production
Luma Studio Milan Immersive film production
MCW / creative agency Immersive film sound production
Mitchel Tan Exhibition film editing
@sugarfilms Exhibition film editing
Loepzuiver Exhibition film editing
@Gavro Interactive design and production