The Nassaus of Breda, Stedelijk Museum Breda's new multimedia permanent exhibition, offers a surprising look at the history of the Royal family the Orange-Nassaus in Breda.

Visitors take a time travel through three centuries. It is the period of Breda's rise, prosperity and decline. The presence of the Nassaus secures the city a prominent place in the Netherlands. Breda also becomes the breeding ground for ideas that live on in today's Netherlands.

MCW designed and developed all AV and Multimedia for this beautiful exhibition. Interactives, large wall projections, animations, films and the full audio score in all rooms transform the beautiful design from Opera and Studio Louter into a total experience. For small visitors, there is a children's tour, which includes a very nice set-up in which children can draw their own historical figures and make them come to life in a large mural.

Client: Stedelijk Museum Breda
Design: Opera & Studio Louter
Construction and realisation: Bruns
Technology: Ata-tech
AV & interactives: MCW / creative agency

Photography: Peter Hilz