The Hong Kong Science Museum opened the urban intervention Jurassic Maze in Kowloon Park on June 13, 2022. In the naturally landscaped maze, visitors can discover biodiversity from the prehistoric world.

The park-like maze covers an area of 900 m2 and contains 15 discovery stations with information and replicas of fossils and dinosaur models.

In collaboration with Globe Creative, we developed a web app that allows parents to playfully guide their children through the maze. Using questions and assignments, they learn more about life millions of years ago.

If at the end of the maze all stations are found and the questions answered correctly, the families are rewarded with a prize. As many as 3,000 prizes have now been given away.

The Jurassic Maze Quest in Kowloon Park is open to the public until July 17, 2022.

Client: Hong Kong Science Museum

Design and realization: Globe Creative

Game design and development: MCW / creative agency