The semi-permanent Kruispunt Rotterdam exhibition firmly situates the World Museum’s collection in a contemporary context, augmenting it with new works by artists and Rotterdammers who were inspired by the collection. As such the exhibition initiates a dialogue between past and present, near and far.

Kruispunt Rotterdam shows how the city has always functioned to bring the world close to home, from the early trading expeditions of long ago to today when it is home to the world, numbering more than 170 different nationalities among its residents. The exhibition fosters that awareness from the very start with the work Globetrotter Rotterdam by spoken word artist Derek Otte, who situates the museum’s history within the context of the debate in society today.

MCW was allowed to participate in this great exhibition by developing AV, Audio and Interactives that support the stories.

Last month we’ve developed an interactive installation about traditional Indonesian Batik decorations and techniques. Visitors can browse through the beautiful designs and learn more about the background and decoration techniques.

Client: Wereldmuseum Rotterdam
Design: Studio Harm Rensink
Construction: Kloosterboer Decor
AV and interactives: MCW / creative agency + YIPP