Always wanted to know what made Edam so famous? Then come to 'The Story of Edam Cheese', a genuine Cheese Experience where the glorious history of Edam Cheese is experienced.

Henri Willig gained international fame with the production of baby Gouda. For 40 years he has been committed to making high quality, traditional cheese. Henri Willig wanted to tell the stories of the famous cheese and so the idea arose for a Cheese Experience.

Ric Berretty Experience Concepts designed a multimedia experience where the stories are presented in audio so that they can be shared with wonder, humor, beauty and pride.

MCW was commissioned to develop a number of animated films and games for this exhibition. We also took care of the production of the audio tours in 6 different languages.

The result is a very tasteful public attraction where (international) visitors can discover unknown stories about the world-famous cheeses.

Realization: 2020

Client: Henri Willig

Design: Ric Berretty Experience Concepts

Realization: Flink

AV and game design: MCW / creative agency