The Bright Ideas Challenge is a highly successful innovative online educational program for grade 7 and 8 students. For this Bright Ideas Challenge we have provided the platform with the online curriculum with workbooks and teacher's guide, the application process, the entire back office and the judging for years. The program is an initiative of Shell Netherlands.

NXplorers is also an educational program, but for students in higher education and universities. Shell wanted the Bright Ideas Challenge to be more in line with NXplorers and asked us to develop the total re-branding with all associated resources.

Our designers worked in co-creation sessions with the client to develop a totally new and fresh look-and-feel for NXplorers Junior. We developed new principles for color use, shape, typography and tone of voice. This resulted in a fresh 3D style with a 'Hero Character' at its center. The clever little robot helps the students on their way with the educational program and challenges the children to come up with creative ideas that contribute to a sustainable world.

The new style has been implemented in all social media and communication expressions, such as the website and the education program, including workbooks and back office with teacher's guide and a separate section for judges to judge all innovative ideas.

NXplorers Junior is all set for a future full of world-saving innovations and inspiring ideas.