The spectacular Winscape escape room experience in Paris is a huge success, attracting hundreds of players weekly. To ramp up repeat visits, the escape room was expanded last month with a brand-new thematic feature: the Gravitational Navigation Room.

This science fiction experience, with no fewer than 12 interlinking rooms packed full of excitement and adventure, was created in collaboration with Jora Vision, Mansveld en Invent Design. The new room challenges players to crack six unsolved scientific cases. The six solutions have to be found in sequential order to progress to the next room. 


Winscape is an immersive experience based around a science fiction story, in which the French space agency is seeking recruits for a secret space mission in a few years. In a space training facility offering four different trails, visitors are challenged to make the most of their senses, memory, logic and physical abilities to achieve the best possible result.

Within this unique project, MCW provided the control and scoring system, soundscapes and design, as well as the development of all the applications, films, animations and interactives.

Mission classification: TOP SECRET