After the Dinosaur Hunt exhibition Studio City in Macau now transformed into the hottest hang-out in the universe with the exhibition Alien Invasion! MCW conceived and realised two spectacular multimedia experiences for this exhibition in cooperation with Globe Creative from Hong Kong.

We realised an enormous Space Bar where the coolest of the cosmos gather for a drink or two. A two-metre-wide Holographic Projection of a virtual cocktail bar and handsome alien bartender enlivened the Space Bar.

At the Space Ride you take a seat in an futuristic designed studio featuring green screen technology and are inserted into a thrilling pod race where you battle for pole position amidst flying UFOs. After surviving the flight, you can share the video – with you in the starring role – with your friends back home. Check out the Green Screen promo below!

Alien Invasion.
Seeing is believing.

It’s the year 2035, when aliens and humans are no longer separated by light years, and teleporters and space crafts are just daily modes of transport. A social gathering could be anything from partying with the wise intellectual beings Spark to a game of space ping-pong with Finn, the fish-like peaceful nurturer. While you may want to give the cute and playful Chewy a pat on the head, make sure you avoid crossing paths with the Trines whose combat ability matches their notoriety. And remember to get your camera phone ready in case you spot some alien wildlife.