Museum Prinsenhof Delft will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of MOJO, beginning on 12 April, in an exhibition entitled MOJO Backstage: Delftse meesters in de muziekindustrie (MOJO Backstage: Delft Masters in the Music Industry). MCW created no fewer than 40 AV productions for this special exhibition. 

The exhibition shows the development of MOJO, explaining how it grew into the largest festival organiser and leading concert promoter in the Netherlands. With this exhibition, designed by Peter te Bos, the museum shows what a small country can excel at.

The MOJO Backstage exhibition shows how, over the course of 50 years, MOJO developed into the successful business it is today. Visitors can discover what goes on behind the scenes in organising a major musical event, as well as what it is like for the artist involved. Original posters, video clips, event tickets and photographs all combine to take visitors on a wonderful trip down memory lane.

In a room featuring a 360-degree screen, visitors can experience various performances, while a huge 12 by 3 metre screen shows preparations for a U2 show in Amsterdam Arena. Visitors can enjoy a backstage virtual reality experience involving the Netherlands most popular rapper, Ronnie Flex, at AFAS Live.

The exhibition was designed by Peter te Bos, lead singer of Claw Boys Claw, who has also worked with MOJO for years as graphic designer for Lowlands. The exhibition will open to the public on 1 September 2019. 

Design: Peter te Bos
AV en multimedia: MCW / creative agency
Construction: Planemos
Hardware: Mansveld Projecten & Services
Light: 50LUX