The London Design Museum, with interactive exhibitions designed by MCW, shares inspiring solutions to create a sustainable future together.

Materials and human civilisation have been inextricably linked since time immemorial. From the stone and bronze objects that humans cleverly used as far back as prehistoric times, to plastics and the recent emergence of nanoproducts, materials we use are increasingly linked to science and technology. They reflect human needs in different eras and have witnessed the development of civilisations.

This exhibition traces materials from their origins to how humans transform them into everyday products through ingenious technology and design. But it also shows us the (disastrous) consequences of our greedy consumption of natural resources. The London Design Museum's amazing collection, together with innovative new materials and interactive exhibits designed by MCW, share inspiring solutions with the public to create a sustainable future together.

For this exhibition, MCW designed and developed all films, animations and interactive productions.

Client: Hong Kong Science Museum
Project management and realisation: Globe Creative
Design: Designwolf
Graphic Design: Human Nature Design
Construction and realisation: Globe Creative
AV – interactives: MCW / creatieve agency