Museum de Voorde in Zoetermeer would like to invite you to find out for yourself who you are. To that end, you will find an exhibition featuring seven small pavilions about you and your identity on the third floor of this brand-new museum. There you can discover what it is you find important.

Who you are and how you act is what we refer to as identity. Identity is often explained as resulting from how you were raised and your environment: nurture and nature. 

In collaboration with XPEX, MCW thought up and created the interactive pavilions, which encompass a playful way of having visitors think about what makes them who they are.

This could involve over 100 aspects. We selected seven. The examples all come from Zoetermeer, and with good reason: Zoetermeer was once designated a centre of urban development for The Hague. The people flooded in. Nine out of every ten inhabitants were new.
All these new inhabitants brought along an entire life. Nowhere did such a variety of opinions, insights and convictions converge in such a short amount of time. This is all translated into image and sound in this exhibition about you and your identity. You can indicate whether or not you feel these matters apply to you.

You can find out things such as what it takes to feel at home somewhere, for instance. There is a Tinder-like app in which you can discover which religious or spiritual statement suits you best. Listen to a radio talk show in which men and women from different eras discuss themes such as sexuality and children. Discover your technological identity in the databox escape room and find out whether you’re someone who really tries hard or someone who just gives things a go in the bicycle game. 

Design: MCW / creative agency in samenwerking met XPEX
AV and interactives: MCW / creative agency
Construction: Kloosterboer Decor
Photo's: Mike Bink