From the 4th through the 12th century, Buddhist monks carved nearly 1,000 temple caves into the cliffs at Dunhuang. The caves are beautifully decorated with Buddhist art including relics, sculptures and murals. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum developed a special exhibition to introduce the general public to this spectacular Buddhist cave art.

In order to provide a full picture of the unique location and period during which Dunhuang was created, the works of art and the tremendous effort that went into digitising all of the works of art, MCW and Globe Creative in Hong Kong were jointly commissioned to create a spectacular introduction film for the exhibition.

A journey along the ancient silk routes

In the film, we show what life was like back when the Silk Road was still widely used, how the caves were created and how they fell into disrepair around the 13th century. The beautiful artworks are displayed on a large scale and small details are highlighted.

For the production of the film, we used the high resolution images made by the Dunhuang Academy, (our own) new images of the site and animations.

Our composer Martijn de Man created a soundtrack specifically for this production.

The result: a breathtaking, almost immersive experience that puts visitors in the ideal state of mind for viewing the exhibition. The exhibition runs from 11 July 2018 until 22 October 2018