From this month onwards, the Quality Window for hospitals and rehabilitation centres will include thirty subject areas and treatments. Three years ago, when the window was launched, there were only ten. For the new treatments, MCW / creative agency thought up and created a special new section of the Quality Window. NVZ chairwoman Yvonne van Rooy is proud of the information for patients: 'This is truly a milestone for rehabilitation centres and hospitals.'

On the website, visitors will now find not only the most recent figures on the general quality of rehabilitation and other care, but also those for ten common or plannable treatments. The new data include figures relating to prostate operations, lung cancer, birth care, operations to repair aneurysms and cataract surgery.

Most recent figures

The window shows the most recent figures; i.e. the data for 2016. These figures were supplied to the National Health Care Institute or the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate on 1 June. All the figures are compared with a national average and where possible with the 2015 figures as well. The figures are also provided with an explanation by the hospital or rehabilitation centre. Yvonne van Rooy: 'The information is reliable, as the Quality Window contains details which we also supply to the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate and the National Health Care Institute. In addition, the Quality Window includes figures about employee satisfaction as well as patient satisfaction surveys carried out by external organisations.'

About the Quality Window

The Quality Window allows patients to assess the quality of care offered by a hospital or rehabilitation centre at a single glance. This information includes geriatric care, rehabilitation outcome measurements or waiting times, for example. For each component, patients are not just shown figures but also facts about the context of the quality information. What does this figure reveal about the quality of care at a particular hospital or rehabilitation centre? And why exactly is a figure higher or lower than the national average?

User-friendly management environment

In recent months, MCW has significantly expanded the website and its secure management environment to elaborate the 10 treatments. All hospitals and rehabilitation centres can now update all of their own details and scores via a secure and user-friendly management environment.

Further information

A full overview of the Quality Windows from all hospitals and rehabilitation centres can be viewed at