Life has been evolving for billions of years since it emerged on our planet. Most of us are familiar with dinosaurs, but did you know that prehistoric "dragonflies" with a wingspan of almost 70 centimetres once ruled the skies?

This exhibition takes you on an adventure. You can admire more than 100 sets of precious fossil specimens, including 3 billion-year-old stromatolites, the world's most complete Deinonychus fossil, a woolly mammoth more than 3 metres tall and petrified trees. Besides the magnificent fossils, you can see life-like dinosaurs up close. Through the interactive exhibits you learn about the origins and discovery of fossils, prehistoric biodiversity, the evolution of life and mass extinctions, and witness the remarkable resurrection of life.

For this exhibition, MCW designed and developed all the films, an immersive experience in which you walk on the bottom of a prehistoric sea, various animations and interactive productions.

Client: Hong Kong Science Museum
Project management and realisation: Globe Creative
Construction and realisation: Globe Creative ism BRUNS
AV – interactives: MCW / creatieve agency